Tarot's mythic currents and recurring cards

Sometimes, with an important issue I might do a follow up reading a few days later, or even weeks/months later. I try to keep an eye out for any cards that recur from the previous reading on the same or a related issue, because they almost always are of particular interest and importance now. These are the persisting currents that are flowing through the situation. How they shift can illuminate my situation in a particular  way. Did the card become reversed? Did it move positionally and what does it's new positional meaning say in relationship to it's previous one? I find special narratives building up over time and sometimes I have even found certain cards will show up three or four times in a row in successive related readings. 
These threads and the cards that weave them are of special interest to me and can become like familiar characters in the drama that is my, or my querent's life. It's as if these mythic undercurrents are continually rising to the surface finding expression in different ways in the timeline of any given situation. I find looking at that current consciously, and trying to more fully grasp it's true nature as I examine its movement opens up the way for a clearer insight into my experience almost every time. The tarot is talking to me, like an old friend reminding me to look at something important from different angles until clarity breaks through. When clarity comes the card quietly vanishes back into the tarot's mythic undertow.

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