Nocturnal Grimorium Verum Rumblings

Two nights in succession I have had Grimorium Verum related dreams - and they have been a little dark (but interesting). I have been spending a lot of time recently working with and thinking about the grimoire. Hadean Press have expressed interest in my work with the Verum and resultantly I have been wrapped up in the GV and The Natural and Supernatural Secrets chapter in particular, working on something for them. I guess it's not that surprising that I should be dreaming more about the grimoire - but these two dreams do stand out, so I thought to blog about them. Reportedly, the Verum and its spirits are known for becoming very active in the dream world of its operators and I can personally attest to this.

The first dream
I dream that I am in a vault beneath a church - except this is an antiquarian bookstore of sorts and it is filled with grimoires. There is an unfriendly shopkeeper and as I wander around the shelves I decide that I need to find an old Bible. I have always lusted after one of those large antique catholic bibles  - to conjure with - you know, its a style thing. I imagine there is nothing like belting out imprecatory psalms with one of those beauties in your hand. Anyway, I ask the proprietor if he has an old Bible, the bigger the better. He looks annoyed and then makes an odd remark - sure, he says, you won't believe how many people are asking for them nowadays.

He directs me to the shelf with the bibles, on the way there I get distracted and pick up a large book filled with pentacles, conjurations and diagrams - it looks old - it starts crumbling a little bit in my hands so I get nervous and put it down, worried that I will have to pay for a priceless book because I damaged it. As I do so I notice a slim black leather bound volume behind it. The title reads Verum Something-Something in dream-latin. Oh, I think - this must be the book that the Grimorium Verum was based on. It's the root text, I say to myself paging through it. I want it. The dream morphs quickly and I see various images of church vaults and even some hellfire (seriously!) - I awaken with the sense of a presence near the foot of my bed. I roll over and fall back asleep. This happens often enough that it doesn't bother me much - unless these sorts of night visitors go so far as to get onto the bed or decide to wake my spouse (which has happened and, understandably, upsets my spouse ) I ignore them. No harm done - just bringing a message.

So... antique bibles, church vaults, hellfire, ancient grimoires?! Its all darkly romantic, in a late-night horror-special sort of way. Admittedly it does fit into the narrative my personal spiritual cosmology quite snuggly, if I have to analyse the dream. The church vault and the hellfire, I feel, are symbols for the cthonic spiritual forces of the Verum. It is interesting that the book shop is beneath a church - part of its architecture, but hidden from the consensus above. This really is how I like to operate with regards to my personal mythic and magical  outlook. Participating in the magical currents of the Christian symbol system but coming from beneath the system, in a sense. Which is to say rather than looking at these through the lens of any given theology or dogma, I prefer to approach it directly as a set of living magical symbols and beings whom I can relate to unmediated by the orthodoxy. Like the vault filled with books in my dream, there is knowledge down there - ancient stuff, if you are ready to go 'through' the church and under it. The 'Ur-verum' which I find in the church vault, I think is reference to something Jake suggested in his True Grimoire about the possibility of another, older text prior to the Grimorium Verum. Instead, the dream could be saying that this 'root' verum is in fact down there in the underworld - that I have to find it myself, in my own way, beneath the church amid the flickering of hellfire of the unconscious. 

The second
I am standing holding parchment. On the parchment is drawn the Klepoth sigil and I begin to vocalise an oration of some sort. The sigil changes turning into a stylised tree with an enormous root system. Next I am no longer looking at the stylised tree but an actual tree and its root system. The roots go down deep into the earth but then I notice something odd with my ex-ray dream vision that manages to see into the earth - the roots all grow into, and join one massive horizontal root that seems to come from somewhere else. It's thick - thicker than the tree itself.  I notice words written all along the roots and momentarily it seems to me that these words are the oration I am chanting in written form. I marvel at this before I am woken by our dogs barking.
This dream seems to be connected to the previous dream using word play, as the subconscious sometimes likes to do. Connecting the Ur-verum 'root' text with the literal roots of a tree - although what the second dream with its enormous horizontal root is getting at, beyond that word-play, escapes me right now. Perhaps, it is saying Klepoth can tell me more about this image?


  1. I don't know if you go for Astrological Geomancy, but one of the things suggested in a book I have about it, says that you can ask the question of whether a dream is true or not. I have always thought that ingenius and helpful when it comes to figuring out dreams. Just a suggestion.

  2. I don't know if you know anything about dreamwork, but I'll comment assuming you don't, so don't be insulted if you already know these things.

    I find that people involved in magic and the occult often still fall into the Freudian/psychoanalytical trap of wanting to interpret their dreams. This habit trying to immediately decide what a dream "means" tends to kill the dream, since we stop letting the dream unfold and interact with our lives. Dreamworkers use various techniques to interact with and play with dreams that allow the many associations and harmonics of the dream to reveal themselves, rather than trying to analytically pull an abstract intellectualized meaning from it by force. For a quick look at what kind of things one can do, look at this document (it's a PDF, so you can download it and print it out).


  3. That's a very good point Scribbler. I have spent some time in psychoanalysis so talking through dreams is something I am most familiar with. I tend to resist psychological models for magic so there is not much sense in applying one to magical dreams, I suppose.

    Although it does help talking through or writing a dream down, because of the mirroring thing - which allows one to look at it more clearly. I tend to dream a lot and especially so when doing spirit work - so it might worthwhile looking at more nuanced approaches of dreamwork, as you suggest.

    What I have found helpful is laying down a card for the key features of dream and letting a the tarot take one deeper into the symbols. As Brother Christopher suggests geomancy could be helpful - and I have cast a few horary charts for troubling dreams (and horary is the older brother of geomancy in a sense), but whilst these can tell you if a dream is prophetic or not, they are not all that helpful for subtle interpretation. Although it must be said - I am a rather mediocre astrologer, so that could be the real problem!