Magical Languages, Synchronicity and The Voynich manuscript

A series of odd, but not altogether surprising coincidences (forum posts, conversations and e-mails) - which I think are related to my two recent Grimorium Verum dreams - have led me to look into magical languages and English Qabalah in particular. I then was sent a link to these three videos by a friend out of the blue today and once again this theme of an ur-text or mysterious book and magical language weave their way into my awareness. In it Terrence McKenna disgusses the Voynich manuscript and his theory that it was either authored by the magician John Dee, or in some way connected to him - it's a very interesting listen. In case you don't know, Voynich manuscript is a mysterious book thought to date 15th or 16th century written in an unidentified language. And whilst it displays all the hallmarks of a true language, with grammar, syntax and apparently meaning. All attempts to decode it - even with the most advanced decryption methods - have failed.  Like McKenna says - it's like it arrived here from another dimension.

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