Little English Qabalah thrills

OK, so I have been playing around with English Qabalah this last while; finally, being unable to ignore it any longer after Jake posted a few of the cool, and very practical, things you can pull off with the system. It must be said I am far more comfortable digging around in a graveyard than I am with any sort of Qabalah - all the gematria makes my head hurt... but by golly after playing with EQ for even a little while, I must admit - this is the business. I can see how people lose their minds with this sort of thing though. It's crazy the funny little symmetries and connections that begin forming after playing with it for like five minutes. I have not been trying to crack the Cosmic Code or find the hidden face of God or anything. All I have been doing is drumming up a few chants and sigils to use in spells and conjurations of the lowliest, most results-oriented variety. Nevertheless, these weird little things keep popping out and I find myself at my desk scribbling for hours in the dark like a loon. And I'm pretty loony usually, anyway.

A few correspondences I came across yesterday after a tiny bit of amateur effort:

PLANT, using EQ11 comes to the value: 67
SPELL, comes to the value: 60

However, because of the way the cipher works - when both those values transformed into wakanaba words (the system's pronunciation tool) you get the magic word DIOL.


I accidentally discovered the word in a short incantation that  I created to activate and awaken the spirits of herbs used in a spell  - and it's as if that symmetry was validating the incantation in some way. Additionally, on some primal magico-linguistic level PLANT somehow relates to SPELL. Some deeper magical meaning was formed there which made me think about the interrelatedness of those two elements, not just historically, but in my personal practice. It was like EQ was talking directly to me. Wierd huh?

And then down the rabbit hole I go:

If one takes the value of of the word SPELL (60) and write it out in "in full" as SIXTY, what EQ value do you get when you add it up?
SIXTY=67 that's what!

SPELL=60, SIXTY=67, 67=PLANT and both PLANT and SPELL = DIOL

This is insane! I am not even trying to make connection to Liber AL or the bible or anything it just cropped up in the incantation "in the name of God awaken to my spell plant-spirit". It seems to be behind the structure of the english language itself. Here is the final wakanaba incantation:



Because the word GOD needs to be magically emphasised I decided to create a kamea to derive it for the incantation. The total derived from the kamea (or Great Word) once transposed into wakanaba-speak gives one ALWAWA. Which is an awesome-sounding name for God, I might add.

But then you will notice above that when the number for SPIRIT is turned in wakanaba-speak you get ALALWA.


Do you see how similar those two appear to be? Two syllables get swopped out - it seems one from the other. Spirit and God are connected somehow even though they are different. Somebody get the straight-jacket! :)

OK, so a real English Qabalist might snort at my insights and quite possibly my discoveries are not that remarkable, but by darn this gives me a little buzz. Additionally, the incantations that this system bangs out are quite beautiful - as are the sigils, once you get the hang deriving them. For the practical magician the applications are endless it seems. I will try to post some of my prettier sigils once I get the scanner hooked up, so I can spread the sorcerous joy.


  1. Dude! I'm tellin' ya. Tin foil hat! Does the trick. Keeps them martians from whispering their insidious patter into your head.

    That having been said: I heartily concur that ALWAWA is an awesome name.

  2. Dammit, I need something *stronger* than a tinfoil hat - I have been wearing one all day and I can still hear those bleeps and pops.. :)

  3. Oh my...it would seem I'm going to have to play with this, as I do have a penchant for Qabalah, but had put the bulk of its practical aspects aside for awhile (though I do use the various angelic and corresponding sphere names in some works).


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    Try here
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  6. Did you get effects by this in spellwork?