St. Joseph Feast Day - Today

Today is the feast day of the most blessed St. Joseph. This is a remarkable saint, and I want to take the opportunity to honour him on this day. St. Joseph has been incredibly kind to my family this year and has answered all our petitions without fail and with miraculous results.

If you think about the story of the birth of Christ and the unusual circumstances with which he accepted the Baby Jesus into his family - to protect and raise as his own son - one soon realises what a kind and gentle heart St. Joseph has. In many ways one could describe the Holy Family as the archetypal unorthodox family - what with the virgin conception, angelic visits, persecution by kings, visitation by foreign magi and all the other challenges! Yet, St. Joseph kept his family together despite it all and even managed to hold down his job as carpenter.

So if you think your family is odd, St. Joseph probably understands what you are going through - no matter how strange it seems to you - and in my experience he is most willing to help spiritually with any challenges. And he really does come through.

We are creating a special altar for him on this, his feast day and I wanted to remind you about Tante Sindy's work too.

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