Unblocking Tarot Reversals

Reversals are an interesting if somewhat misunderstood aspect of the tarot, and even though reversals are commonly interpreted negatively in a divinatory sense - I believe they also open up some cool magical possibilities. How can this be, I hear you ask? It's my belief reversals always offer a querent some latent opportunities. This is especially true when a positive card is found reversed in a key position in the spread. To me, this often says that the energy of that card is available in the situation but it is just being experienced as blocked, delayed or otherwise obstructed energetically in some way. 
For instance, when we find the Two of Cups reversed in the outcome of a love reading that might not bode all that well - this might normally be read as quarrel, disharmony or an otherwise problematic situation for relationships. However, in my experience this also means that the energy of the upright Two of Cups is still available to be tapped into, it's just not manifesting in the way we would like it. I find the energy model useful when discussing the cards in this way. One might say that the energy that a card represents is flowing through the querent's life on a causal level but somehow when it manifests it comes out a bit distorted. There is nothing wrong with the basic energy, it's just the expression that is problematic. Tweak the expression with some magic and bingo we have wired up the situation to have access to that energy in a healthy way again.

So how to work magically with that notion? Well, this certainly would depend on the message of the reading as a whole and the needs of the querent, but there is a little trick I have been experimenting with that I would like to share today:

If you find a reversed card in a key position of a spread that would otherwise promise a desired outcome if it were upright - take the card out of the spread, place it on your altar on top of the querent's name paper. Take a candle of the appropriate colour, then butt and reverse the candle. Dress it with uncrossing oil, along with another appropriate condition oil for love, money or whatever positive aspect the card would normally express upright. Place the butted and reversed candle on top of the card in a small saucer so you don't drip on your card. Around this sprinkle uncrossing powder along with crab-shell powder in a counter clockwise circle. You might want to powder the card lightly too. Pray over this all and burn it in sections daily for seven days, turning the card back a little bit each day. Keep working it daily so that the energy becomes unblocked and the cards upright quality is expressed positively once again in the situation as you gradually turn it upright. 

Of course you want to combine this with additional appropriate conjure work, tailored to the situation. If you try this - let me know how it works for you!


  1. I really like that approach! It makes alot of sense. I tend not to read reversed cards, but instead can just "feel" when a card is ill-aspected, or otherwise is expressing a different angle than the obvious surface one. But this really give me a nice way to work directly with those energies! Thanks for the tip - I'm looking forward to trying this. :)

  2. That's great to hear Devi :) I know what you mean about sensing if a card is ill-aspected and that certainly is a useful way of reading 'reversals'. One can also look at the positional meaning to see if the reversed nature of the card is being expressed: positions such as; blocked, challenge, crossed etc. all can indicate a kind of reversal. Let me know how this technique works for you.