Holy Anointing Oil

Being lazy, I usually blend my condition oils using essential oils in a carrier oil like almond oil. Never before have tried to do it the old fashioned way of steeping the herbaceous material in oil repeatedly. It seemed like that would take forever. Anyway, I decided to try out a recipe from one of my favorite folk-magic authors Draja Mickaharic. Its a version of the biblical Holy Anointing oil. And Wow! The result is so amazingly different - the smell is more subtle, but so rich, spicy and luxurious. More importantly the magical charge seems substantially more pronounced. It contains myrhh, cinnamon, cassia and calamus in a base of olive oil. You just pulverize till powdery put in a jar and cover with olive oil - you place this on a windowsill in the sun for a couple of weeks, shaking daily. The sun both helps to extract the oils from the herbs and resins but more than this it solarizes the oil with life giving energy. The result is quite spectacular.

Holy Anointing Oil is of course good for blessing and prayer. To call down the Grace of the Almighty when inflamed with the Spirit, or anoint others for healing, blessing and protection. Similarly, it may be used to anoint altars or magical tools, candles, mojo's and similar sacred tools of the Arte. Its also traditional to put a few drops in the water when performing a foot-washing for someone for their cleansing and spiritual renewal.

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