Curious Dream: Angelic Samurai

Last night I had a rather curious dream. I dreamt that I was conducting an evocation rite of some kind in a strange abandoned mansion. But what was so unusual was that instead of calling four watchtowers I called three, creating a triangular arrangement with water, air, and fire. I then called earth below the circle and finally called down ether/spirit from above which formed a ray that penetrated down into the earth, seemingly activating the entire configuration.

The elements were furious, swirling tornadoes of elemental substance - except for earth which was dark and dense and cold. Finally a luminous angelic figure appeared before me. Except this angel was this strange kind of cosmic samurai - although thats not exactly how i would describe him either - there certainly was an alien/asian/knight esthetic there nonetheless. He gave me his name but I cannot recall it clearly.

Most curious of all is that my style of ritual rarely involves opening the watchtowers or angels! I am considering using my pendulum to divine the spirit's name and trying the ritual as per my dream to see if i can contact him again. I remember the first letters and the general feel of the name; so who knows maybe after all of my critical indifference regarding angelic contacts one decides to talk to me. Go figure.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I follow many magician's blogs and am beginning to think we are on the cusp of something very, very big. The dreams and messages being received at this time appear to be more heightened than usual.

  2. Thanks Susanne. I think you are right about that, I have been experiencing a lot unsolicited contact from various entities I would not normally work with so something is up for sure.