The Verum Wands

There are two wands used in Grimoirium Verum - a hazel wand of 'Klepoth' and the elder wand of 'Frimost'. Due to availability I had to substitute the hazel for laurel and the elder for a local tree called forest elder. The laurel wand looks spectacular and after cutting, debarking, sanding and painstakingly carving my Klepoth wand (at 5:30AM), I concluded the consecration and jumped back into bed to get some zzzz. As I was dozing off i received an interesting flash about the function of the Kleppoth wand. Perhaps not surprising after i spent ages carving that sigil! Butits totally subjective so a grain of salt is in order....

Nonetheless, I was so pleased with the wand's finish I thought it a pity that the Klepoth wand's function seems so minimal during the verum ritual procedure. As far as i can tell it only seems to get used when as the verum says "Then pick up the wands, one after the other, reciting the Fiftieth Psalm". In the True Grimoire Jake suggests that this becomes a rhythmic movement during the psalms recitation. Apart from this I couldn't really see the point of this additional wand.

However, as i was falling asleep it came to me that "one after the other" could also apply to the ritual pattern as a whole - which is to say that after the Frimost wand is used, held in the right hand during the evocation - the Klepoth wand is picked up held in the left hand after that during goetic divination/skrying that follows when one relates to the spirits. In other words the Frimost wand is projective and that the Klepoth wand is receptive and possibly meant to aid seership with the spirits after they have been called using the Frimost wand. This makes sense if you think about the gendered nature of the wands as well as the powers of Klepoth, as well as the divinatory nature of hazel. Could this be what "Then pick up the wands, one after the other" is alluding to?

Anyway, the Frimost wand did not go so well in the end - i went through the same procedure but the wood i used was very green and wet and after deparking, sanding, carving the sigil and consecrating it - I noticed crack appearing in its length. I hurriedly oiled it with extra linseed oil however by the next morning these had spread all over the wand some areas split wide open.

Not impressed. It was hard work and is going to be a whole month before the moon is crescent again, so I can cut another wand. Also, with these weird cracks all over it looks kinda like Ye Olde Wande of DOOM right now. I am unsure if a cracked wand is still good to conjure with? is it a sign? The energy of the wand is still quite strong though, and last night after giving the wand another coat of oil I had a dream about Scirlin. He appeared as a rather small man about a meter high and black as night. He seemed nervous and i asked him which grimoire he is from he said "the one in your bag", which is Jake's True Grimoire. He then ran away, seemingly scared of me. I tried to catch up with him to no avail. I even tried to constrain in him in a triangle that i kind of drew in the air and threw at him. Not sure why i did that! I hadnt intended to use a triangle with my conjuration work - it seems coercive. He was to quick though and vanished in a puff.

Not sure what that means.

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