The Valid Basis of Magical Manifestation

I have been thinking a lot about the kind of things we can and cannot conjure with magic successfully. For instance spells to win the lottery rarely work. My personal theory for that is because the lottery is a massively contested spiritual battle - we have got literally millions of people all praying and wishing to win it. You are magically fighting all of that. But there is more than to it than that I believe. You might cast a spell to become a millionaire some other way and find it doesn't work - I mean why doesn't it work? Its magic after all, it should manifest what we want. I am all for an old school belief system in which the kind of results magic is purported to deliver, should be delivered - and if this isn't happening then something is wrong. Either with the spell or with the magician or both.

So in this vein I have been studying traditional astrology (which means astrology pre 1700 not the watered down psychobabble that is being called astrology today). Specifically i have been looking at electional and horary astrology. Election astrology is the art of using astrological timing to effect the outcome of events. For instance of you want to win a competition you might elect and appropriate date to send in your application in which the astrological factors conducive to winning aid you in success. Its powerful stuff and is of course mingled with magical timing traditionally too. Anyway, one of the first things you learn in electional astrology is that you cannot elect a date for something something that is not supported by your natal chart. For instance you cant select a date to buy a lottery ticket which will help you win a couple of million unless being super wealthy is supported in your natal chart. You can compare this to saying you cant elect a date to run marathon and win unless you have been training to run marathons. Being a runner is the valid basis for entering that kind of race.

This got me thinking about the valid basis for magical manifestations. You need a valid basis in order to support a magical outcome of any sort. A spell wont help you become the CEO of corporation unless you work at the corporation at high management level - or have been working in another corporate environment. Thats the valid basis for becoming a CEO.

Another example might be; if I cast a spell to get a billion dollars next week - I am unlikely to get it. However, if Bill Gates was a magician and he cast a spell to get a billion dollars next week and he was reasonable magician he might be able to get a billion dollars next week using that same spell. Why? because Bill Gates has the valid basis for that kind of wealth - that much money moves around him already. Its not that the spell is better or he is better at magic (although skill is of course relevant, but for the sake of this example lets assume Bill and I are equally good magicians).

So let say we accept the idea of the need for a valid basis for any magical result - the question is how did Bill Gates get from the valid basis of an ordinary computer geek to that of multi bzilliionare?

Now that is real magic.

And this is the crux of my new magical theory:

For instance Bill Gates could cast a spell to get a billion dollars next week perhaps, but getting a hundred billion might be a bit harder - though not impossible. Bill would need to be focussing his efforts on expanding the base line valid basis of his wealth creation by using his magic. By developing the valid basis magically he can make it possible to be casting hundred billion dollar spells in a while, because he already is casting billion dollar spells successfully. Magic seems to be able to stretch the valid basis as if reality is elastic - but it cannot break the valid basis entirely, as we have seen with lottery spells.

OK that example is a bit out there so here is another: Say, I want a Ferrari but a spell is unlikely to bring me Ferrari next week. However I could quite likely pull a spell off that gets my old Nissan exchanged for new a shiny new Honda. Its better than my Nissan, and stretches my valid basis of car owner ship a tad - but totally doable magically. Soon reality will have readjusted to the new valid basis and as we have seen - reality is elastic - so I might now be able to cast a spell which exchanges my new Honda for a BMW. The old valid basis of car ownership in which I had an old banged up Nissan might not have supported a spell to succeed in which a BMW comes to me - but my new Honda valid basis of reality could easily...

Just a strategy that has been bouncing around my head.

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  1. Fascinating post, and blog! Will be journeying here over the next few days..I've added you to my blog roll. Best to you!