Root Goetia

I have undertaken to practice the Goetia of the Grimoirium Verum. More than that my intention is to develop a personal hoodoo/goetia synthesis. An approach that focuses on using rootwork based spells, but which also incorporates the spirits of the Verum as spiritual agencies to expedite the traditional methods of conjure - additionally rootwork methods will be incorporated into the ritual structure of the Verum by exploring the possibilities of enhancing evocations with hoodoo oils, powders, lamps etc. One might call it Root Goetia - I like the sound of that; it of course emphasizes the use of roots and folk magic in my goety, but also suggests the remembering of the older, more primal or 'root' chthonic evocation magics. Fancy labels aside, what started me down this road is Jake Stratton-Kent's fascinating True Grimoire, and in fact the man himself. He is a rather inspiring magician and his approach both to goetia and to magic in general is visionary, IMHO. He places an emphasis or returning to the, ehem, roots of Goetia as well as looking to New World traditions for more depth and understanding in working with the spirits as living, breathing entities, rather than a 2D list of stats in a grimoire as many wood-be conjurers seem to be inclined to do. Along with this is an understanding that in order to have healthy productive relationship with the spirits we have to be nice to them. No torture, cursing and bullying the beings who we would have do us favours. Perhaps its not such a big surprise that the spirits are nicer in return!

Of course what truly attracted me into the Verum itself is its connection to Quimbanda - in which we find an almost one-for-one syncretism between the deamons of the Verum and spirits of african origin - known as the legion of Exus. Moreover Quimbanda practices exactly the kind of synthesis that i am interested in developing in my own work. Its synthesis is uniquely afro-brazilian - the theology and magic of which is razor sharp and dynamic. Its also very dangerous.

Similarly hoodoo has quite a few of solomonic elements - the use of seals, psalms and other solomonic based magical procedure, which could be extended plausibly into the direction of the Verum. Its absolute heresy of course (from the perspective of traditional hoodoo), and the result wont be hoodoo but a somewhat more perilous daemon based concoction. However, when one asks an informed teacher which spirits traditional hoodoo works with, your pretty much always hear "God, The Dead and the Devil". So in the light of that - bringing Goetic entities into the work isn't as far fetched as claiming to conjure by the triple Goddess. Ugh.

Anyway, I have dutifully begun creating all the tools as per the Verum's traditional instructions, observing the correct astrological timing and other requirements. I have had to make some wood substitutions for the two wands to accommodate local availability. I could order a wand from an online seller but in my opinion a well considered wood substitution that allows one to carve, oil and bless the wand in the traditional fashion - is more powerful than getting a wand pre-made in the right wood. There is also a lot to be said for adapting tradition to local fauna and flora. The trick is to make the intelligent  adaptations and not motivated my sheer laziness. Deamons hate lazy people.

Let me tell you, creating everything the traditional way using the right timing is arduous. The verum emphasizes dawn operations (um, yeah). But its been well worth it - these tools are singing with potency and meaning. And as each tool has been completed I can feel it becoming internalised and meshed with my personal magical sphere. There is something romantic, diabolical and truly numinous about the Verum. This quality is permeating my life in the most incredible way right now - and not in the sinister ooky-spooky sense that one might expect. Rather there is a sense of crystallisation of relationship with the Other Side. Its also been unnerving that several of the Grimoire's spirits have started paying me dream time visits - something they are known for. They're not unfriendly but certainly not cuddly - and I have the sense as I create the tools they are drawing near, becoming magnetised to my sphere progressively. Lets just say, I'm holding on to my hat for now...

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